Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Our New Digs

For those of you curious about our new digs, here are some shots of the apartment.  Please excuse the mess, I took the pictures on Monday morning while we were still unpacking.  (We arrived after 10 Sunday night).  Although a bit disheveled in the pictures, I assure you we've got it all together now!  

We live in a two bedroom one bathroom furnished apartment on the 18th floor.  We've got three of each type of dish and silverware.  There's a dishwasher (Praise Jesus!).  Each room has it's own air conditioner unit, and there's a washer but no drier, but we do have a drying rack. 

Here's the scene when you come in the front door.  Right in front of you is our great room...the dining room and living room.  You can see the couch and chair in the background, as well as the TV.  The boys' toys are stored in a drawer under the TV and it's worked out very well.  They can open the drawer by themselves and I don't have to go searching for toys. 

To the right of the photo is the kitchen and pantry.  To the left is the the boys' room.  The door at the very end on the right is where our washer is stored.  

This is our kitchen.  We have no oven so I invested in a crock pot.  I love that thing at home even when I have an oven, and I'm sure I'll use it even more here.  We have a serious water boiler that gets water boiling in less that 3 minutes.  It's amazing!

This is the boys' room.  We have since pushed the beds together in order to make room for the pack and play.  Theo is almost old enough to sleep in a bed, but not quite (he fell out of the bed twice the first night).  There are two "closets" and their clothes fit fine.  There's even a night light!

This is our room.  We've got one closet but we've managed to make it work.  The beds are hard as rocks so we bought a memory foam cover at the PX (Army Exchange store).  We also have a desk and a dresser, as well as...

A wonderful nook!  We can open the blinds in the morning and the sun shines right in.  It's a great place to do some reading.  Plus it's got a great view of Seoul, especially at night.

Our bathroom.  We have a stand up shower and a tub.  The shower is also a sauna. I'm not crazy about saunas, so I haven't used it. 

The view from our bedroom.  The outside of the windows are dirty, so please excuse the spots.  For you Seattle-ites, we live in a Capitol Hill-esque section of Seoul.  There's a California Pizza Kitchen close, a huge park with a nice track (4 laps = 1km) and they do skating lessons there.  Speed skating is huge here. 

This is our garage.  You give them the keys and they drive your car into the garage and the car goes up or down to store it.  Ours doesn't fit so we just park out front.

And lastly, this is me after a tough day grocery shopping.  Food is insanely expensive here...$6 for 4 apples is a good example.  And it's not just apples or even just produce, it's all spendy.  Luckily we can get to the Commissary and shop there.  

Here I'm eating my first authentic Korean meal.  It was noodles, rice, onions and other veggies.  I have no idea what it was called, I just pointed to a picture and that's what I got.

So, that's our home in a nutshell.  Hopefully I'll get some pics of the landscape at night, it's really a pretty cityscape.  

Peace and love to you all, 


Miriam Porter said...

Your apartment looks a lot like my apartment in China a little smaller but similar. You will adjust to city life it is hard though. How is the air quality? China was horrible. I love you and miss you.