Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tate Quotes: Korea Edition

"Theo!  Don't bite your shoe!  It's new."

That's right, son.  We only eat old shoes in this family. 

Setting: Downtown Seoul during rush hour (pretty much anytime, really.)  FYI, Seoul is like NYC.  Big and always busy.

Tate: "Daddy...I have to go potty."
Mark: "OK Buddy, I'm looking for a place for you to go."
Tate: "Dad!  There's a bush!"


Theo: "ball.  hahaha.  Tate. hahaha.  ba. ba. BA. BA!"
Tate: "Baby, don't talk to me.  I'm trying to sleep."
Theo: "Huh?"
Tate: "Don't talk to me.  I'm trying to sleep."
Theo: "Huh?"
Tate [slower this time]: "Baaaaby, dooon't talk to me.  I'm TRRRRYYYYYING to sleep."
Theo [smiling mischeviously]: "Huuuuuh?
Tate [frustrated]: "BABY!  I'm trying to sleep!  Leave me ALONE!!"
Theo [laughing]: "Huh?"
Tate: "Baby! Stop!  I'm trying to sleep!"
Theo: "Huh?  HAHAHAHAHA"

I'm sure it's not as funny to read, but it was really funny in the moment.  Theo knows how to get his brother's attention, knows how to frustrate him to death, and Tate hasn't figured out the value of ignoring yet.  He'll learn in time, I'm sure.


Steve Finnell said...

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Britney said...

hilarious! very cute. ; )

Shara said...

At least your son values sleep...