Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekend Update

I am often emotional when I visit a church for the first time.  I think it's the realization that all these people that I never knew existed are worshipping the same God I am and even though I don't know them personally, I will see them in Heaven.  I really believe each time I visit a new church is a glimpse of what heaven will be like-on a small scale.  

Today I saw more color here than any day prior.  It would seem that the weekends are really a time for people to kick back, relax and be more informal. I enjoyed watching it!  On our way to church it was raining and everyone had their umbrellas out.  Really, it was just sprinkling so I didn't need one but a nice lady came up and walked with me, covering me with her umbrella.  Our church here is one of the largest in Seoul and everyone was heading there this morning.  I told her it was my first time and she told me it was her first time at this church as well.  We didn't go to the same service (we went to an English ministry service and she went to a main campus service) but I was humbled by her kindness, nearly to the point of tears.  

It felt so good to be in place and hear English.  I don't mind going for weeks only hearing Spanish but not being able to communicate here has given me a new appreciation for my home language.  

Now, if I could just learn how to say "no" in Korean we'd really be getting somewhere!


In case you're curious as to how we spent the weekend, allow me to show you.  I even have a few pictures!

Yesterday we spent the day out and about.  I had Korean Starbucks.  They don't have Pumpkin Spice-heartbreak for me. 

We went to the base in search of a hiking backpack that we could put Theo in for when we go to the National Parks around here.  We went to every store on base just in case one of them happened to have one.  After 3 hours we admitted defeat.  We went out into town and just happened to see a guy carrying one around.  Mark chased him down and asked him where he got it.  It just so happened that there was a garage sale on base yesterday and it was the only one there.  Heartbreak. 

We did manage to get Tate some sunglasses.  Can I just say, isn't he adorable rockin' his aves?

Remember this?  Well, he found his bush.  A long time dream realized.  In my defense, we were at a park and there was no bathroom around anywhere.  It became an emergency.  I did draw the line at pooping on the bush though.  We have standards in our family. 

And how do we watch TV in the apartment?  Ghetto style, for sure.  The boys are loving the TV.  Since we don't have one they are literally in awe of what it can do.  I am equally in awe of how long they stay glued to the thing.   Animal Planet is pretty interesting!

We went to the playground and all of the boys enjoyed the slide. 

And I watched. 

There were tears when we left. 

Then we drove home.  Remarkably we went back the the same way we came.  This almost never happens because we get lost.  The tallest building in the picture is our apartment. 

And here is the view from our apartment at night.  I remembered, see?

We ran into this at the E-Mart (Target-esque) here in Korea.  This is painted on a parking spot, next to the handicap signs.  We assume these spots are reserved for pregnant women...maybe pregnancy looks different here? (I really don't want to be grotesque, but I just kept flashing back to the Butt Pregnancy sketch from SNL a few years back). 


Alexis Guess said...

Great Post!! I love your comments about going to a new church for the first time... I've felt the same way before. It is really cool to think about! :)