Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bridges in Seoul=Life

Water fountains off of the bridge at night-they change color!

The bridge at twilight...such a magical hour

Sunset, much more impressive in person.

This post should be titled "Because Pollution Can Be Pretty" or something like that...I'm pretty sure that it's smog that turns the sky those pretty/hazy colors. 

One thing I think Koreans do really well is make bridges.  Their bridges are all aesthetically pleasing, but especially at night.  Seoul is laid out in such a way that the Han River runs through the middle of it, separating Old Seoul (that I love!) on the North, and "New Seoul" (where I live) on the South.  There are several bridges to cross the river, and at night they are just beautiful.  They have colorful lights, water spraying from them-so pretty.  

In a city with a lot of neutrals, I really appreciate the life the bridges bring to the city.