Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Hike That Wasn't

On Saturday we decided to go on a hike here in Korea. 

There's a decent amount of national parks here, and I made a list of the ones I wanted to see and planned out each weekend trip.  

LT Wonderful was totally on board, told me he knew how to get there (HA!) and we were off. 

Except, he didn't know how to get there.  So we drove to the coast instead.  If you're wondering, that's 3.5 hours away.  

His big selling point is that now we can say we've been on "both sides of the Pacific Ocean and not many people can say that."

So here are pictures of our "hike":

Mark in the Pacific Ocean

 Theo and I on our way to the water

Tate doing what he does best at the beach...

 Tate loved the fresh fish seafood places

And got a kick out of mocking them

Tate wanted to take a picture, so he took one of us.  I was shocked!  It's the best picture of us I've seen in a long time! (And yes, that's in a coffee shop)

Theo is getting the hang of this coffee shop thing!

All in all, it was a great "hike".  Tate's already asked if we can go on another one again soon.