Sunday, October 24, 2010

Irony much?

I realize you have no clue what I was trying to take a picture of here.  That's OK, I'll explain.  

Here in Korea, it's illegal to talk on phone while you're driving unless you have a bluetooth.  I'm totally in support of this.  I was when the law passed in Washington and Oregon, and I'm totally in support of it here, too (probably because I've encountered some of the worst drivers in my entire career here).  

I amend my former statement.  I was in favor of it, until I learned what is legal here. 

So what exactly is legal here?
  • Not wearing seatbelts (apparently)
  • Not using car seats
  • Children climbing from the front seat to the back over and over
  • Watching TV on your GPS. 

In case you missed that, I'll say it again:

It is permissable to watch TV WHILE DRIVING

Which is what the guy in front of us was doing.  We've seen it all over, and finally had the camera with us to try and catch it.

Quite possibly the dumbest thing to allow EVER. 

Personally, I would rather ride with someone talking on the phone.  I'd feel much safer.  I've tried to rationalize this but have failed.  I've tried to be the devils advocate, but cannot come up with one good reason to allow this.   



Britney said...

Thought: You need to get back to oregon!

Kara said...

Imagine, if you will, Rob driving a military HummVee down those narrow Korean roads. Yeep!! Be safe!