Thursday, October 21, 2010

This really happened

The following is a real conversation I had with LT Wonderful one night after a long day of work and being stuck in traffic [and it's also a really good example of how fun sleepy conversations are].

LT. Wonderful:  Man, it would be so awesome to be married to an know, if it were socially acceptable.

Me: ummmmmm...

LT Wonderful: You know, because imagine riding an elephant in traffic.  You could just walk right over the cars and squash them to bits.

Me:  Sweetheart, you do realize that most cars are bigger than elephants, right?  And that squashing the cars would compound the problem of traffic congestion?

LT Wonderful: I guess so.

Me: And, you could have the same benefits from simply owning and elephant, you don't actually have to marry one.

LT Wonderful: Oh, you're sooooooo right!

Oh, Darling, how fun you are!