Thursday, November 4, 2010

1st (Gulp) Blog Giveaway!

I'm totally nervous to do this.  I've got back and forth on even having a giveaway.  What would I give away?  What if no one wants what I'm offering, how embarrassing would that be?  So I thought I'd give away a gift card, after all, everyone likes gift cards.  But then, I realized I'd have to go to a store and buy a gift card and since I have no car here and the only stores I can get a gift card for would be in Korea, I passed on that idea.

Then I thought about giving away a copy of one of my favorite books.  But that excludes you if you don't want to read it or have already read it.

The next idea was to give away something I've made.  And I pondered it (meaning fretted over it...are my feelings going to be hurt if no one wants something I've made?) and then decided to go for it.

So, without further ado, here's what I'm giving away...

One of my favorite new lacy hats!  If you read my post about the DMZ, you'll see that I wore the match to this one on our recent outing.  

And don't worry, even though I'm totally into regifting, I'm not regifting this.  It's brand spanking new.  It's wonderfully delightful merino wool in a beautiful dreamy- creamy color. 

It fits all head sizes (unless your name is Goliath), so if it's not your style feel free to give it away.  My feelings won't be hurt, I promise. 

If you're wondering why I'm having a give away, let me explain.  

It's not to generate more traffic.

It's not to make more friends. 

It has nothing to do with me, and everything to do with you

I appreciate you guys.  I started this blog when we started the adoption process a few years back.  You all have walked with me through some of the best and toughest times in my life.  Loss in adoption.   A surprise (wonderful) pregnancy.  Moves.  Job changes. Life changes.  And now you're walking and praying me through another adoption.   I started this blog to keep friends informed about our life and I've gotten an outpouring of love and support.  It really has encouraged me. 

So, in honor of my 500th post this week, I wanted some tangible way to say thank you for your love, friendship and support.  And since I can't bring all of you to Nicaragua with me (which I would LOVE to do) and I can't fly out to see and thank all of you (because I don't even know who you all are!) I decided to give something away.  Something I made, something heartfelt.

So if you want to enter to win, simply leave a comment under this me some love or just say "pick me" or whatever.  

I'll keep it open for a week (ending next Friday the 12th ) and post the winner on Saturday the 13th.  

Don't forget to post your can post under Anonymous, but at least give me a first name in the post!

Good luck!  But more importantly, thank you sincerely for your love and support.  You all mean the world to me!

Peace and love, 


Cadovius said...

oh sweetie, this is a great idea!!! I did a few give-aways on my Purse Pantry FB page for the exact same reasons you are doing this one. I just wanted to say "THANK YOU" for everyone being so supportive and encouraging. And yes, I felt the same way. I was terrified no one would want any of my stuff. I'm going to do another give-away in honor of YOU and HOPE by Design! :-) I am so very proud of you and everything you're doing for the women of Nicaragua.

ps And definitely count me in!!

Miriam Porter said...

Jen, I love your blog and it brightens my day at work to hear about all your crazy adventures. I miss you and love you. Also I would wear your wonderful creation with pride!!

thecrowls said...

I am a faithful reader of yours! I love your insight, honesty and humor! I have probably told Ben all of your "tate quotes" .. hilarious. I LOVE the hat!

Britney said...

I wanna lacy hat!

What we are all about said...

Who wouldnt want one of your beautiful creations? I have been blessed and encouraged through your blog! It touches me to see how freely you share all that God is doing in and through your family!

jillian said...

I do love reading about your adventures and your ever expanding family! Wish we were a bit closer to you in OR...and Korea ;)

jennem said...

I adopted my daughter from China as an infant...she's turning 7 tomorrow, I can't believe it! Best of luck to you!

Jennifer, jennem22 at yahoo dot com

cstironkat said...

Who wouldn't want one of those cute lacy hats. How adorable, I'm surprised that you don't have even more entries.