Monday, November 8, 2010

Turning over a new leaf or some crap like that...

I have a love/hate relationship with mornings.

Lately it's been mostly hate.

In junior high and high school I was up faithfully before 5am nearly every morning to go swimming.  Once I retired from swimming I retired from early mornings as well.

Lately though I've been feeling convicted to get more done in the early morning so I've been meaning to get up earlier...for nearly a month now with limited success.  But I did it this morning.  More importantly, I think I've found out why I've had such a hard time with it.

You see, I would think that if I can get up in the morning I should get my Devotion and my workout done.  I love devoting.  I wouldn't have a problem doing just that.  But working out in the morning?  Um, that sucks.  Especially when it's freezing outside.

So this morning I decided to give it a go with just the Devotion done early.  It was a smashing success. I have been allowing myself coffee in the morning, but without worrying about transitioning into the workout right away, I didn't need it.  I was able to wake up a half hour earlier than normal and feel great!  Instead of doing my Devotion the first thing during nap time, I was free to have true free time.  And I got my workout done.  Before lunch even!

Funny what happens when you a)put first what should be first and b)don't try and change too much at once.

Now we'll see how tomorrow goes...