Monday, December 13, 2010

Nicaragua for Christmas

So, this week we'll be heading to Nicaragua to spend Christmas with all of our kids.  I'm pretty sure we won't be staying in the Posada this time because there are new house parents and we don't know them.  My prayer is that there won't be distance between us and the boys just because we won't be living there.  Also, it's Nicaragua.  Things change all the time.

We have no firm plans for our trip, just ideas.  We may get to have the girls with us overnight while we are there which would be amazing!  I'm trying not to have any expectations, though.

I have some pictures to upload but the server keeps rejecting them.  I'll keep trying.

I'll try to post in Nicaragua, but I think you all know how spotty that is.

Hopefully there will be no airplane horror stories this time around.  We've had several talks with Tate about the importance of keeping his pants on...

Seriously though, we'd appreciate your thoughts and prayers while we're there.  This is the home stretch with travel for a while and it's going to be killer.  Two weeks in Nicaragua with a one day turn around to go to Korea for +/- six weeks for LT Wonderful's job [we may just pack the dirty clothes because I'm cool like that].  We are all excited about Nicaragua and dreading Korea.  I know that sounds horrible.  I'm just ready ready ready to be home for a while.  Tate's ready to start preschool and Theo, well, honestly he's up for anything.

Peace and love,