Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tate's New Skill Set

[So Mark taught Tate some hand gestures to say, "I love you" "you're the best" and "you're cool".  Tate was telling me this at dinner...and then he added his own.]

Tate: Mom, look!  You're the best of the champions!

Tate: "And, you're cool."

Tate: "And, Mom?  I love you."

Me: "Oh, Tate, thank you so much.  I love you, too.  You are such a sweet boy!"

Tate: "You're welcome, Mom.  And you know what?"

Me: "What?"

Tate: "This means, 'you're a duck!'"

[after breakfast]

Tate: "Mom, can I watch cartoons?"
Me: "Nope.  Not right now."  
Tate: "When can I watch them?"
Me: "Maybe before dinner."
[Tate is quiet for a few moments]
Tate: "Mom, I just talked to my tummy and he wants to watch cartoons too."


[Tate is coming down the stairs and is tucking his shirt into his underwear.]

Me:  "Tate, we don't tuck our shirts into our underwear"
Tate: "Yes we do." 
Me: "No bud, we tuck them into our pants."
[understanding dawns]
Tate: "Ooooh, so that's how we do it, huh?"


Cadovius said...

tee hee hee! I love hearing what comes out of their little minds (mostly)