Monday, December 6, 2010

The Ugly Truth

Since we've come home I've managed to sneak on 5 extra pounds.  Since those 5 pounds really make the difference in me feeling my best and feeling a little sluggish, I've decided to do something about it.

It seems like everywhere I turn is an opportunity to eat goodies and, well, crap.  So for the next day or so I'm just going to have some fruits and veggies.  Mostly in the form of Green Smoothies because I love them and I have yet to find a better way to get spinach down the boys' throats.

So, today and maybe tomorrow I'm having fruits and veggies.  I want to cleanse my body of the processed sugars and fats that I've been eating lately.  I'm sure it will be easy until small group tonight.  I'm bringing snack and even though I want to force my choices upon everyone there, the truth is that I don't know a few of the families and I would like to make them friends.  Somehow I feel like if I just brought green smoothie everyone would feel gypped.  So I'm bringing pizza and pumpkin pudding.  And it smells delicious cooking so I'm being properly tempted.

Another thing I need to do but haven't felt in the mood for is a work out.  I really need to do one but I really don't want to.

I'll let you know how the rest of this process goes.  5 pounds.  I can do it.