Monday, January 3, 2011

Craft Goal 2010 FINALE!

 Projects 29 & 30
Random Hats and a Bag
All knitted

These are made of left overs and I can't get over how cute they are!

Size 1-3 years

Size 3 years to adult

3 years to adult

A hat I made for myself.  And I love it. 

Felted bag.  It's petite and cute!

I liked mine so much that I made one for Mark.  And he loves it, too!

Made from the same yarn as my hat.  I love the intricate vines.  Since there's a lot of sides to see I've included several views. 

30 Projects.  One year.  No new yarn (for personal projects.  I did buy some for HOPE for specific projects). 

This year I tried things I've never tried before, learned new skills and was able to use what I had instead of buying more stuff.  It was refreshing.  I still have a bunch of stuff in my stash that I plan to use but I'm not going to push it this year to eek out a specified number of projects.  

This year I plan to try my hand at making a sweater, too.  We'll see how that goes. 

Also on the list is spinning.  My wonderful sis in law got me a book and the stuff I'll need to start so that's on the list, too. 

Thanks for all your encouragement this year.  I feel very accomplished having finished the projects (all of which were done by the time we left for Nicaragua, BTW) on time and without spending more money.  Maybe by this time next year my stash will be almost empty!  

Peace and love, friends. 



Sam and Amanda + Two said...

Jenni, Those are beautiful! I love them all! Good job girl!