Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Suffering Jet Lag

The little boys in the apartment have been waking up at unreasonable hours.  Like 2 am.  And it's not like they are going back to bed.  I'm forcing them to stay awake (bad attitudes and all) so hopefully they'll get on track soon.

Yesterday I went to make coffee (at 3 am when I realized they wouldn't be going back to bed) and when I went to pour my creamer into it, it was a little more creamy than it should have been.  And we were out of milk.  I just don't like coffee without all that good stuff.  I may have stomped on the floor in frustration (sorry downstairs neighbor!)

For now it looks as though we'll be here for another 40 or so days.  I am gearing up to spend the 40 days wisely.

And, in case you're curious, I stepped on the scale.  I'm up 5 pounds.  At first I was mad about working so hard in November to get it off just to put it on again.  Then I realized that just about everyone puts on 5 pounds at Christmas and I only have that to get off (plus the little extra "dream weight" that I've never been without) so all in all, it's OK.  I can do it and hopefully get it done quickly.

I had pictures to put up of the boys playing leapfrog in the Korean airport but the server didn't like them. I'll try again tomorrow.

Peace and love, friends!