Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another "why" explained?

At the beginning of 2010 Mark was unexplainably transferred from one job in the Navy Reserves to another.  We were pretty upset because with the previous job he was going to get to go to Norfolk for a couple of weeks and I was really looking forward to visiting our friends there.   There was nothing we could do, though, so we just went with it.

Today Mark went to the Navy and found out that his former command is deploying in September for seven months (with a few months training beforehand).  I was "guaranteed" by the previous Commander that they weren't going to deploy for years, which is why Mark took the first job.  September is when Mark's two years deployment free ends, so he would have had to go.

After the last seven months we've had, I can't even imagine wrapping my brain around preparing for a deployment that will last likely 10 months.  Especially news like that coming after our "guarantee" (there is no such thing in the military, but the Commander was so sure of herself and didn't understand why I was so skeptical).

Tonight I praise God that he knew what was best for our family and took the time to take this off our plates before we even knew it was an issue.  I still want to get out to Norfolk (preferably on the Navy's dime) but I'm willing to wait a little longer and not have to deal with another deployment.

Praise God for knowing where our breaking point is!


Sam and Amanda + Two said...

Amen Sister! So glad the Lord knows our limits and that he spared you the difficulties of another deployment. We serve a great and might God!

MM said...

He always has a plan! I hope you can come to Norfolk and I hope you know you are welcome to crash here anytime you're in the Hampton Roads area :) Mi casa es tu casa :)

NicaGirl said...

Weird, I don't know why it posted my comment with the wrong log in. But anyway, that last comment was from me :)

Cadovius said...