Monday, February 21, 2011

From Theo's Perspective

Theo got ahold of the camera recently and when I uploaded the pictures he took, these were among the 100 or so surprises I found. 


I don't even know where to begin

But I guess it's safe to say that he likes dogs.  And tails.  

Life is getting into somewhat of a routine now.  The boys are doing well and we are enjoying the bipolar weather here.  But mostly we are enjoying being home, together.  Hanging out with friends has been so refreshing after feeling really lonely in Korea for so long. 

I'm working to finish Kevin's story and working on a post about Korea, but for several different reasons, both are time consuming.  The story about Kevin and is making me re-examine how I view God (in a good way) so I can't just spit it all out, there's too much there.  With the Korea post I want to be honest in how I felt about it without being offensive or inaccurate so I'm choosing my words carefully.  All that to say that I am trying, it's just slow going because there's a lot of processing that goes along with it. 

I have a call into Tate's preschool to see when he can start.  I'm excited but nervous about it. He's going to do so well, but it will be an adjustment.  I am really looking forward to special time with Theo, too, while Tate is in school.  I haven't decided what we'll do yet, but I'm trying to come up with something fun.  Maybe I'll just let him loose with the camera...

So, that's that.  Now you're kind of caught up on our lives. You can breathe easier now-haha. 

Peace and love,