Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Theo!

Happy Birthday to my sweet two year old.  I can hardly believe that you are two already. 
 You are a beautiful boy, always full of life!
I love that you almost never cry when you get hurt, but rather, you laugh. 
I love that you want to be so much like your big brother, but you don't mind leaving him in the dust occasionally, too. 
I love that you are so sure of yourself.  
I love that you speak in Spanish and English. 
I love that you always let people know how you feel. 
I love that you use your blankie as a q-tip to self soothe. 
I love that you eat everything, even medium salsa. 
And that french fries, hot dogs and everything else that uses ketchup is, for you, simply a vehicle for ketchup. 
I love that you love to sing. 
And how you say "Tater Boy" "Wrestle Tassle" and "Gus the Bus"
I love your attitude, even if it's sometimes naughty. 
I love your hugs, sloppy kisses and sweet laugh. 
I love your smiles, your ability to sleep by yourself, and how you always ask to "snuggle you" before bed. 
But mostly, I just love you. You'll always be one of my greatest sources of joy. 

I love you, Theo!