Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kevin's Story: Part 2

In November we got the news we'd been dreading.  Kevin had been kicked out of the orphanage.  There were several stories behind what had happened but the bottom line is that none of them mattered.  He was kicked out two weeks before Promotion and was unable to finish the year.  

To say that we were concerned is an understatement.  I immediately began to make plans to get ahold of him when we got there.  I tried to find out what exactly happened and basically it boiled down to an increasingly negative attitude and continued comments about wanting to deal drugs.  He was escalating to the point of begin a danger to others.  The leadership correctly decided that it was best that he go home.  While I was devastated and frustrated with the timing, I have never questioned the wisdom of the decision to send him home. 

While we waited to get to Nicaragua and connect, I spent time the only way I knew that could help him: I prayed.  Days, nights, it didn't matter.  I was praying that God orchestrate something larger than me and that he save Kevin's beautiful soul. 

As soon as we got to the orphanage I put the word out that I was trying to contact Kevin.  Since the privilege of cell phones had been taken away, I had little hope of being able to contact him.  Because I didn't want to make waves I decided not to let the leadership in on what we were doing.  I did tell the new missionaries, Christian and Jen.  I felt like they were safe people that I could trust with that information.  As I suspected, they were very positive about me checking in on him.  

There were several mountains in the way.  First, I had no way to contact Kevin.  I doubted he had a phone because they are expensive and he didn't have one before.  Second, I had no idea if he was from Managua or outside of the city.  Third, even if he was in Managua, there aren't addresses so the likelihood of us finding his house was nearly zero.  But we just kept praying and believed that something would surface. 

Two days later I received a crumpled piece of paper that had been passed from Casa Ester, (the older girls' house), through the Posada and onto us.  There was a number written, but no name.  One of the boys gave me the paper and another came up discreetly and whispered that one of the girls' brother had Kevin's sister's phone number, and I can call this and talk to him.  Mark suggested I call him right away and try to see him the following day, so I did.  

I was super nervous to call this number when I didn't know who would answer.  Luckily Kevin was waiting for the call so he picked up right away.  He sounded cautiously relieved to hear my voice.  I figured he had enough people in his life telling him he screwed up so I decided to keep it positive.  If he wanted to talk about what happened that was fine, but I wasn't going to bring it up.  Instead, I asked him where he lived.  As God had ordained it, he lived less than a half mile away from the church we attend in Managua!  We would be able to meet up with him without much effort.  We quickly made plans to meet at the church at 9:30 the following morning.  

As I hung up the phone, Mark and I said a quick prayer that he would actually show up.  


NicaGirl said...

Jenni, I'm reading your posts about Kevin in tears. I am so glad he has you in his life. He's a really great kid (as is his sister and I was devastated both when she left and when he left too) and I am so glad he has people pouring positivity into his life instead of making him feel worthless. He needs people to help him see how precious and loved he is.