Thursday, March 10, 2011

I love Thursdays

I have always loved Thursdays. 

Thursdays are very close to Fridays, and Friday means the weekend. 

Growing up, my dad always had Thursday afternoons off, so sometimes at the end of the school day my brother and I would be walking to the bus and we'd see our parents there waiting for us.  It was always such a surprise and so much fun!

In high school, our swim meets were on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  While that meant that morning practices were harder, it also meant that there was no afternoon practice.  I loved the "break."

When Mark and I finally got a TV, we got to watch The Office on Thursday nights.  We love that show. 

These days, Tate goes to preschool on Thursdays (and Tuesdays, too).  So I get to spend some time with Theo, just the two of us.  We mostly snuggle on the couch.  I cannot resist him when he says, "Snuggle you, Mommy."

Tate and I get to spend a little quality time together when Theo naps.  We usually just talk or read, but it's time for just us.  I love it. 

And, for the last month, Thursdays are my weekly phone dates with this kid: 

So, I love Thursdays.  The hope and excitement of Friday is in the air.  I get to spend time with my kids. I get to enjoy family. 

So, Happy Thursday to You!

Peace and love, 

PS Heather, I thought fondly of Trey when I wrote this!


Heather said...

the moment i saw the title on my blog page i smiled!! :)