Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm Back, and BETTER Than Ever

OK, OK, maybe not better than ever, but I'm feeling pretty good.


And the boys are (knock on wood) fine too.

So now we can start real life.  And when I say real life I mean we-have-a schedule-and-try-to-adhere-to-it-more-or-less life.

Tate's in preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays!  I have a Bible study on Wednesdays so at least three days a week I'm going to be getting up and out.  That should add structure to our days.  My goal is to work out before I head off to school/church (this means I'll be getting up early...yuck!) but I think it will help with that oh so needed structure.

Theo and I don't have anything planned for our mornings together yet, but I do hope to do something fun.  I know that Tuesdays will be my new grocery shopping days so we'll enjoy doing that together.  Theo loves the store.  I'm thinking about hitting the library with him.  We'll see what he's up to.  As soon as it gets nice out on a regular basis (so, like, August) I'll take him to the park.  This kid would play outside all day if he could.

Tate's said some funny stuff lately regarding his bout with the illness:

"Mom, poop is not my favorite anymore.  Pee is."

I was previously unaware that he had favorites, but now I know.

Theo has decided to get in on joking around.  Just today he stuck his foot in my face.  I scrunched up my nose and said "EWWW!!  Your feet stink, Theo!"  He responded, "No Mom.  It's like pizza."  When I laughed he did it over and over.

I hope your weekend was great!

Peace and love,