Thursday, March 17, 2011

Preschool in photos

One of my favorite things to do in September is look at back-to-school photos.  Tate started preschool in March, but I wanted to make sure I took photos for him to start his collection.
  I patiently explained to him that I wanted to take pictures of him before he went to his first day of school.  
He said he didn't want to.  
I begged and pleaded.  And threatened. And begged some more.  
He finally gave in. 
 This was what I got:

Fantastic!  I love it so much!  I honestly can't think of a better picture to describe how Tate felt about going to school. 

When I begged him to look at me, this was what I got:

Seriously, I love this kid more than cupcakes!

After all of that, I am happy to say that Tate LOVES preschool and wants to go every day. 

I am so proud of my beloved son!  And I will forever treasure these back to school pictures!


Anonymous said...

Ahh...the joys of a strong willed child. Think of the glee you will experience when it comes time to pick out the baby picture to send off to school when he starts his senior year!!!