Friday, April 29, 2011

I know, I know

It's been another week that I haven't blogged much.

I feel lame.

I received about 5 books in the mail that I got off of Amazon...I have spent a significant amount of my free time reading them (thus, the lack of blogging).  I'll share about my favorites later.

The boys are doing well, Tate is back to his normal, cheerful self.

Theo is starting to obey a little better.  I'm working on lowering my voice instead of raising it when I get frustrated with him and I think he's responding well to it.

We've got a busy weekend and week coming...and a week from tonight we'll be on our way to California and then onto Nicaragua!  I can't wait!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Brave Son

Yesterday Tate woke up with his eye all puffy and crusty.  Gross, I know.  I called the doctor as soon as they opened to make an appointment, assuming pink eye.  His eye was red and having had pink eye a few times, I knew it was best to treat it right away.

A couple hours later Tate said, "Mom, my ear kinda hurts."  I had him sit with me for a few minutes and he was fine.

When we got to the doctor he looked in Tate's ears.  The first one was very pink, and the doctor said, "Wow buddy, I bet that does hurt!"  Then he went to the next ear, it was BRIGHT red.  The doctor couldn't believe that Tate hadn't been crying and complaining.  I was just thankful that his eye was puffy otherwise we'd probably never had gone into the doctor.

Tate also had to have a TB test (since we go to Nicaragua a lot we thought it was a good idea).  I was practically bursting with pride in the doctor's office because Tate was so brave and did everything the doctor asked of him with a smile.  I love being his mom!

We went to get the medicine a couple hours later (Theo fell asleep in the car and I didn't want to pull him out).  When Mark was in dropping off the prescription, Tate suddenly grabbed his ear, screamed and started crying.  I was heartbroken, I know it really must have hurt because his reaction was that severe.  I held him while he cried, squirmed and tried to get comfortable.  As soon as Mark got back to the car we gave him medicine and he fell asleep.  I mean ASLEEP.  The boy fell asleep and didn't move an inch for an hour.  

When he woke up he was groggy.  Mark put him in his chair to eat and he just curled up on it and went back to sleep.  It was so heartbreaking.

When it was time for bed, Theo started crying about wanting to snuggle Tate.  We explained that Tate wasn't feeling well and that he wanted to sleep by himself tonight.  Theo cried some more about wanting Tate, and Tate said, "It's OK.  I can share my bed with him."  I teared up.  Despite feeling like crap he had compassion on his brother.  I just love this kid.

I went in to pray with him and rubbed his head for two minutes and then he was asleep.

I must have one of the sweetest, bravest boys in the world.  Goodness, I love that kid!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Book Review: Lilies in Moonlight


I recently read "Lilies in Moonlight" * by Allison Pittman.  The book is delightful, set in the roaring 20's.  The story follows Lily, a young woman who ran away from her overly religious mother in order to make her life on her own terms.  She ends up in Florida, living with an older woman and her son, a severely burned war veteran. 

The book took a while to pull me in, but since I was in the mood for some fun fiction, I stuck it out.  Once the story got going, though, it was great fun!  There were spiritual truths in the book, but they weren't very strong.  Toward the end it was more evident that the book is Christian fiction, but it seemed to me like first and foremost it is a love story. 

The characters are vibrant and fun, I really enjoyed the characters.  Lily is fun, but the supporting characters really make the story interesting!  I especially enjoyed the demeanor of the Mrs. Burnside, she was just such a neat character.  

I would definitely recommend this book to friends.  It's a quick read, a good story, and it's wholesome.  I hear there are some other books out there that she's written, set in the same time period.  I'm going to hunt those down because you can never have too many wholesome, fun books to read. 

*Which I was given by Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing for review purposes. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

I have been a horrible blogger this week

I think it's because the sun was out.

Or because I was just busy.

Either way, I apologize and I hope that you enjoy Easter!


Friday, April 15, 2011


While I really do appreciate the "help" the boys offer, I am very much looking forward to the time when their "help" is actually, well, helpful.  But I am enjoying the attitude of helpfulness!

We've got a bunch of family coming down for a run leisurely walk to support ALS research on Sunday.  I am doing my best to make sure the house is ready for everyone.  Luckily my mom will be here to help tomorrow.

After about 3 weeks without having one, we are having a PJ day today at our house.  I know it's late notice, but you are cordially invited to join us at your house.  We used to make every Monday a PJ day, but we've been busy!  It's nice to kind of relax today.  I say kind of because I don't think you can really and truly relax with a two year old in the house.


Theo threw a fit this morning because he wanted me to stand by the table and hold his hand while he ate his cereal this morning.

Yeah, not so much.

And the picture?  It's just one I love. 

I hope your Friday is just as productive as ours has been, PJs and all.  

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Opening Day 2011

I love our annual tradition of going to Opening Day at Safeco Field.  

Each year we take a picture in front of the glove statue. 

Here's 2011




The picture from 2007 isn't digital, so I'll have to scan it in sometime. 

And yes, we do have more Mariners clothes than just the ones we're wearing, but it's SO COLD that we always end up wearing the same ones and layering them. 

And yes, I know that my hair is different every year.  That's the fun of being a girl!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring is here!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tate Date

Tate and I are going on a date tonight.  I'm taking him to Ceramic Cafe for some painting.  I'm really looking forward to some one on one time with him.  Theo is so hands on these days that I sometimes feel like Tate gets lost in the discipline game.

Theo and I get some regular time together these days, too.  During school, Theo and I run errands together.  It's not great fun but with Theo, it is.  He's such a fun kid, he enjoys himself just about anywhere.  Today we went and got the tires changed on our car. I think we read the same story about 25 times, and it was just as much fun each time.

I love being a mom to my boys!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Getting our license

LT Wonderful and I are getting our license to be Foster Care Providers.  

I'm scared and excited all at the same time. 

I think that's normal.

Isn't it?

(Please say yes.)

So tonight we go to another three hour. 

We fill out more paperwork. 

Later we'll get fingerprinted again. 

And have another home inspection. 

And, hopefully in the next 6 months we'll be blessed to love on a kiddo that really could use a demonstration of love. 

Then when they leave our hearts will break.

But the cracks will help our hearts grow more. 

We'll just keep on loving and loving

Until there are no more kids to love on, or our girls come home (in which case we'll do a happy dance and love and love more)


Until God moves us on to Nicaragua. 

So tonight is another beginning. 

But really it's just another step in our journey to show love. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Difference

Yesterday LT Wonderful and I had the opportunity to hang out alone.  My beloved mom came down and had the boys for two days.  It was great have some time for the two of us to reconnect.

We headed out to Starbucks for our quality time, chatting and laughing about our goofy boys.  LT Wonderful told me an awesome story about playing with Tate and saying to him, "Tate, do you know that I love you?" Tate responded, "Yes, Dad." Without really thinking about it.  LT Wonderful then said, "Do you know that I'll always love you?"  Tate responded with an eye roll, "Yes Daddy.  I KNOW!"

We smiled at the thought.  Our boys are secure in our love for them.  They know that our love is not conditional.  We're somehow able to communicate our love for them in a way they understand.

Then we started talking about Nicaragua. Every chance we get we pour into our kids there.  Not just the girls, but all of them.  And they also know that we love them...or, are starting to know that that means.  We come down every chance we get.  We spend time with them as much as possible.  But when we have a conversation with the kids there, the out come is always very, very different.  I remember one conversation in particular.  It was with a 15 year old boy who wanted to know why we care about his grades, his family, his life.  I looked him in the eye and said, "It's because we love you.  We care about you.  We want what is best for you and are willing to go to great lengths to make sure that you're getting what you need.  We know that you've had a rough life.  But we're here for you.  We love you and we will always be on your side."

The tears were pouring out of his eyes, running down his cheeks and he was unashamed of them.  He wrapped his arms around LT Wonderful and hugged him for a long moment.  It was beautiful.

Although he's not completely secure in our love yet, he's getting there.  Is there a better feeling than knowing that someone loves you for you?  It doesn't matter what happens, you are loved.  Our goal is to share that love with all of the kids in our lives.  To be able to pour into them so that they can enjoy that security of being loved and in turn, learn how to love unconditionally themselves.

I think that it's easy to love your children, but sometimes it's not easy to communicate love to your children.  I've met this boy's family.  I know they love him, but they have a hard time communicating it.  So we're making a commitment not just to love, but to communicate love and demonstrate our love.

Our hope is that all of our kids will be secure in love, learn how to love and learn how to show love.  And that someday we'll have hundreds of grandbabies running around, completely secure in their parent's love for them.  Isn't that a beautiful thought?