Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Brave Son

Yesterday Tate woke up with his eye all puffy and crusty.  Gross, I know.  I called the doctor as soon as they opened to make an appointment, assuming pink eye.  His eye was red and having had pink eye a few times, I knew it was best to treat it right away.

A couple hours later Tate said, "Mom, my ear kinda hurts."  I had him sit with me for a few minutes and he was fine.

When we got to the doctor he looked in Tate's ears.  The first one was very pink, and the doctor said, "Wow buddy, I bet that does hurt!"  Then he went to the next ear, it was BRIGHT red.  The doctor couldn't believe that Tate hadn't been crying and complaining.  I was just thankful that his eye was puffy otherwise we'd probably never had gone into the doctor.

Tate also had to have a TB test (since we go to Nicaragua a lot we thought it was a good idea).  I was practically bursting with pride in the doctor's office because Tate was so brave and did everything the doctor asked of him with a smile.  I love being his mom!

We went to get the medicine a couple hours later (Theo fell asleep in the car and I didn't want to pull him out).  When Mark was in dropping off the prescription, Tate suddenly grabbed his ear, screamed and started crying.  I was heartbroken, I know it really must have hurt because his reaction was that severe.  I held him while he cried, squirmed and tried to get comfortable.  As soon as Mark got back to the car we gave him medicine and he fell asleep.  I mean ASLEEP.  The boy fell asleep and didn't move an inch for an hour.  

When he woke up he was groggy.  Mark put him in his chair to eat and he just curled up on it and went back to sleep.  It was so heartbreaking.

When it was time for bed, Theo started crying about wanting to snuggle Tate.  We explained that Tate wasn't feeling well and that he wanted to sleep by himself tonight.  Theo cried some more about wanting Tate, and Tate said, "It's OK.  I can share my bed with him."  I teared up.  Despite feeling like crap he had compassion on his brother.  I just love this kid.

I went in to pray with him and rubbed his head for two minutes and then he was asleep.

I must have one of the sweetest, bravest boys in the world.  Goodness, I love that kid!


Britney said...

Huge smile. ; )

Kara said...

Huge hug for Tate!