Sunday, May 8, 2011

Seeking the Sun

We're here in sunny California, enjoying the warmth and extra doses of vitamin D.

Recently, at the suggestion of my wonderful mom (Happy Mother's Day, Mommy dearest!) I started taking vitamin D every morning.  I took the recommended dose until my Mom told me that her doctor said that residents of the Pacific Northwest should be taking about 5000mg/day (nearly double the recommended dose!) between October and May due to the angle that the sun hits the earth or something like that.  Anyway, I was convinced so I started taking it and I felt like I had a lot more energy within about two weeks.

My doctor was a little suspicious about the amount I was taking so she did a blood test.  And the blood test vindicated me.

The normal level is between 30-100 units (I forget what measuring unit is used).  After taking 4000 mg/day religiously since January, I'm at 40, the very low end of normal.  If you live in the northwest, consider supplementing during our LOOOOOOOOOONG winter months.  You may feel much better!

So here we are in California, and I intend to enjoy soaking up as much natural vitamin D as I possibly can (with the aid of sunscreen of course.  My poor pale white skin can't take too much sun without turning a pretty pink-red color...much like these lovely flowers that LT Wonderful brought me recently).

We'll be here for another couple of days, then we're off to Nicaragua!  Can't wait!