Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What I really wanted

Our anniversary was in December.  It was a big one for us, not because of the number as much as it was because of how much we worked through the previous year.  I was really disappointed that we couldn't spend it together because LT Wonderful was working in Korea.  We had planned to celebrate later this year, although we did intend to exchange gifts.

The one thing I really wanted for my anniversary gift was a ring.  I was feeling pretty picky about this particular ring...I wanted something that would compliment my wedding ring, but I would wear it on my right hand.  And I didn't want something traditional, I wanted something out of the antique ring with a story.  I went to Brilliant Earth and found several beautiful antique rings there, but they were pretty expensive.  At least the ones I liked.  When I say expensive I mean like "oh my goodness that's more than a mortgage payment!" expensive.  So we both decided that a new ring wasn't the right choice for us now.  I was a little disappointed, but I knew that it was for the best.

Toward the middle of December (less than 24 hours after LT Wonderful got home from Korea!) we headed down to Nicaragua.  While we were there we spent a ton of time with Kevin, figuring out how to get him into an orphanage and school.  As we were headed to the airport, Kevin called me and said that his mom wanted to talk to me one more time, and would I please come over quickly.

As we pulled up to his house I was super nervous that Kevin's mom was going to nix the plan before it even got started.  Kevin assured me it was going to be OK, but I couldn't imagine what she needed to talk to me about.  When we pulled up to the house, she met me at the door and with tears in her eyes she said, "No one has ever done anything for my family like you have done.  I want you to have this ring as a sign of our love and appreciation for you.  You will always be a part of our family now.  Thank you so much."

I hugged her and cried.  She put the ring on my finger and I couldn't believe it.  It was exactly what I wanted.   But it meant more than anything I could have bought.

The significance of this ring is powerful for me.  Every time I see it I am reminded of so many things.  I say a prayer for Kevin and his family.  I praise God for knowing me so well that he knows my heart's desire.  My true desire was never for a ring, but rather to feel useful and do something meaningful.  In this circumstance I was able to be useful and do something meaningful, and I was even blessed by a beautiful token to remember this special season of my life.


Britney said...

it is gorgeous! and your story gave me the chills.

thecrowls said...

It's stories like this that remind me of God's creativity and love for us. Thank you for sharing- your words took my breath away. Praise be to God.