Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Making Lemonade

It's four o'clock and I JUST got around to taking a shower. 

(Squeeze a little...add some sugar.  Vodka is optional.)

Guess what?!  I managed to take a shower today!

So, what's your lemonade situation?


Miriam Porter said...

I got cheap parking to pick up my race packet today in Seattle, but I had to walk 1/2 mile to get to Qwest field. Lemonade: I got in a nice walk on a semi-clear day!

Keep Calm and Have a Cosmo said...

Are you crazy? Vodka is NOT optional. Vodka is imperative.

Kara said...

Mmmm... Vodka. (lemon) My car's engine required a total rebuild after throwing its timing chain. (add sugar) A bestie of 10 years is a mechanic with mad skills, and I have a husband who has the rare and wicked mad ability to read a manual. (making the Bullfrog) Rob and I had two weeks of lovely conversations carpooling during the 1 hour loop commute to work, and I have a brand new engine!