Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thanks for all the Love!

Thanks so much for all the love and sweet things you guys said in response to our big news yesterday.  We are so excited, but so overwhelmed by what we need to do to prepare.  The good news is that we know this is all in God's timing and we feel great about that!

Someone yesterday mentioned how excited the girls must be about this.  And yes!  They are excited!  In May we talked with them about our plans to come down and the relief was palpable when they realized that they won't have to move away from everything they've ever known and loved.  We aren't sure what the whole situation will look like...and we're OK with that.  With the amount of transition that will be involved, we don't want to walk into any sort of expectations.  The plan for "what happens officially with the girls" is to use our hearts, wise counsel from others and a little bit of flying by the seat of our pants to determine the best course of action for all involved.  I realize that some people may disagree with this plan, but since you won't be there you don't really have a say (I'm using my nicest tone of voice when I say that, I really don't mean to sound like a brat).  

So now that you have the 411 on that, I'm going to change directions on you. 

Yesterday we went to a U-Pick raspberry place.  It was me and the boys.  I thought for sure that Tate and I would have a blast and Theo would find something to do to entertain himself while we picked.  

I was totally wrong. 

It turns out that berry picking with a very concrete, rule following four-year-old isn't fun.  Not at all.  Every berry is either too orange, too yellow or too purple.  Or he can't find berries.  He doesn't want to hold up the bushes because he might get hurt by the prickers and thorns.  But he still wants to win, so he's pretty opinionated about where the berries go. 

Theo, on the other hand, just watched as I explained what we were doing and then set off to work.  He picked every little berry in his reach!  I was so impressed.  When we'd get about 15 yards away from our bags he'd say, "Mom, I go get it.  Be right back." Then he'd go haul our stuff to where we were.  He ate a few berries, but really he didn't nosh on that many.  

So, I think Theo and I will go berry picking again for a date night.  He seemed to enjoy it.  Tate can go to the pet store or something (he recently went there and loved it.  I see a hamster in our future...ugh.  Actually we were thinking a chinchilla because they don't smell and don't require the same amount of clean up but did you know they live for 15 years?  Yeah.  Neither did I.  It's not happening). 

That was our week so far.  It looks like summer may have finally decided to grace us with her presence here in Portland (at least, I hope!)

Have a great one (and happy ALMOST FRIDAY!)