Monday, July 11, 2011

This past weekend

LT Wonderful (who could be called LT Commander (select) Wonderful now) had to play Navy this weekend so I decided to take the boys on a trip to Tri-Cities, Washington to visit my new niece, Esther Sue.  On the off chance that she ends up marrying Tate or Theo, I'll just throw in here that she isn't genetically my niece, but the genetics aren't terribly important to me.

The boys were thrilled to be headed to Aunt Missy and Uncle Todd's farm.   The farm is currently home to about 40 goats, a llama, three dogs, chickens and a few cats.  Every 10 minutes or so (during the four hour drive) Theo would sigh and say, "40 goats!  40 goats!" and squeal with excitement.  And the farm did not disappoint.  The boys got to milk a goat, help bring in eggs, chase cats and dogs, pet the llama, and herd and feed goats until their little boy hearts were full.  And I got to snuggle with the sweetest little 5 week old girl.

We were sad to leave (Tate cried and is still talking about how much he misses everyone) but happy to get home to spend some time with LT W.

How was your weekend?