Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Yesterday was one of those exercise in patience, so to say. 

I got a gym membership over the weekend [$9.95/month.  Seriously!] and had big plans to get up early to go try it out.  I even went to bed early to make it easier to get up.  Didn't work.  I didn't fall asleep until after midnight.  Somehow I managed to get up and get a workout in, but the day went pretty downhill from there. 

I realized I did not buy the quick oats for my oatmeal.  Not a huge deal, but I made a mess of the microwave in the process. 

I went out to the bus and realized that I didn't have a no errands. 

I did five loads of laundry and in the process managed to lock myself out of the laundry room via mop handle covering the door.  Since the door leads to the garage [and the garage door opener is in the bud in the garage] I had to use my amazing acrobatic skills to maneuver through the side door of the garage and over all of the crap in the way.  I managed to succeed, somehow. 

Tate decided to wash my ipod. 

I burned a bag of popcorn [the house still smells faintly of burned popcorn].

I feel like I worked all day long and at the end I had nothing to show for it.  The biggest problem though, wasn't that stuff kept happening, I just couldn't get a hold on my attitude.  This made me feel like an even bigger failure.  And in the end it all worked out OK. 

LT Wonderful ran my errands for me. 

LT Wonderful fixed my ipod [well, him and the oven]. 

LT Wonderful made dinner. 

Do you see a pattern here...?

Yeah, he lived up to his name yesterday. 

I made sure to get a good amount of sleep last night so I can tackle today with a great attitude.  LT Wonderful is gone for the next three days so it's important that I maintain a good attitude. 

So, here's where you come in.  If you have something that you think might make me laugh, send it along in the comments here!  I'll really appreciate it!

Peace and love, 


Miriam Porter said...

Remember that time with Lt Wonderful ask if the wise men were in "Orient Are"? Hahaha. That was pretty funny.
One more Remember when I woke up and growled and Rob and said "sometimes I like to growl in the morning". Another funny one. Have a great day. Love you Friend

NanaStearns said...

The entire family went to the airport to pick up Papa's co-worker. For some reason Papa decided to tell co-worker about the time Lt(c). Wonderful's sister answered the question "and what does your daddy do?" with "He types" (her daddy (Papa) was a computer programmer and is now a consultant in a mainframe computer language). Now four years old, Big Sister pipes in and informs the co-worker that she knows what her daddy does now.

"He is an Insultant!"