Friday, August 5, 2011


God has been blessing us in overwhelming ways this last week.

Last week we decided that we needed to move.  We love our home, we love where we're living and we're very comfortable here, but since we are going to be moving to Nicaragua on support we need to be responsible in how we're living now so that we can provide as much of our one time support as we can.  Moving is a part of that.  In just a few minutes of research, we found that we can save about $400/month if we downsize and move into an apartment.  

Since we hope to be down in Nicaragua long term in about a year, we really need to get going on our saving.  When we realized that just by cutting down on our rent we could save $4800 in a year, we decided that we really needed to do it. 

So on Monday we gave our landlady 30 days notice.  

We were excited to be taking steps toward Nicaragua, but planning the move in the month of August (after a non existent summer up to this point) I'll be honest, we were a little bummed.  Our weekends are now going to be taken up with a bunch of moving stuff.  Boo. 

That afternoon our landlady called us and said that she didn't want to lose us as tenants.  However, she understood why we wanted to move and felt like it was a good reason.  

So then she did the unthinkable. 

She offered us apartment pricing in our current home for the next couple of months to let us move slower. 


We'll probably be moving in the next few months.  But we're not moving now.  And we get to save the money we were hoping to. 

How big is God?!

Huge.  He's huge. 


Sam and Amanda + Two said...

That is awesome!! I love how when God calls us and we are obedient He provides in miraculous ways! So excited about what God is doing in your family! We are praying for you!