Monday, August 8, 2011

Teaching them the right way

It has been an impossibly long week at the Stearns' house.  We went to bed on Tuesday night we thought we smelled something so we opened these half door things that lead to the bathtub.  Steam came pouring out.  The inside was covered in mildew. 

So, since Tuesday night we've been dealing with fans in the crawlspace and living room, spraying down the crawlspace with bleach, and more and more time with the fans running.  It's been exhausting and loud.  And smelly.  The fumes have been overpowering and it's been frustrating to feel like a fugitive...and the boys are exhausted because they just don't nap well when we're not at home. 

 LT Wonderful, bless his heart, brought me some lilies on Sunday.  He had to play Navy this weekend, so I was busy with the boys all weekend and to be extra special nice he made sure each boy brought me flowers.  It was very sweet. 

I'm sure the boys' future wives will thank him!


Anneke said...

That's SO sweet! (The flowers that is - NOT the other stuff.) :-( Sorry you have to deal with that. I hope the boys were nothing but super sweet. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing what God can do??? I don't recall any specific time that Mark's daddy brought flowers home, but obviously it made a huge impression on him. I give all the credit to Mark's wonderful dad!

Kara said...

Stargazers are my favorites, too! Well done, Boys!