Monday, January 9, 2012

10 Pound Challenge

Erika over at Newlyweds on a Budget has issued a challenge.  And since I'm always up for a competition and free stuff, I've decided to join.

There are a ton of cool prizes, but the best is going to be feeling like my clothes fit again!

Go here to enter for yourself!  Good luck!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Here we go!

I love January.

I like the idea of starting over and really prioritizing my life.  LT W and I are back on the workout wagon to try and lose the pounds that we managed to put on in 2011.  It's kind of interesting, if you look at pictures over the past 10 years of my life, you can tell how my life was going by my hair and my weight.  Heavier indicates contentment, slimmer points to stress.  As far as hair, just about every major life change has involved a new hair do.  It seems that when I lose control of my life, I enjoy changing my hair drastically.  I think it's because I feel like I still have control of that area.

Every deployment we've gone through has been marked with a hair change.

So has every birth.

And every move.

I've had several hair styles and colors and I've enjoyed each of them, even if it was simply because I chose it.

A recent weight example:

Korea: Fairly thin.  I was under a lot of stress in Korea, and missed home and friends terribly.  My smile isn't really reaching my eyes. 

This year at home, dancing around with the boys.  Heavy and happy.  Enjoying life.  

I'd love to be able to get a handle on both at the same time.  Happy, relatively unstressed (realistically I know this isn't in the cards for us...we're going to be moving internationally this year but still, I can find peace in the center of that, right?) and healthy. 

I know that the foundation for losing weight has to stem from a healthy frame of mind.  I'm getting healthy to be happy, to give my best, to take care of myself and my family.  My motivation can't be to control the image I'm projecting or even to fit into my skinny jeans again (even though I am really looking forward to that).  If my motivation is wrong then I will yo yo again when I'm not stressed.  

So this year, while I am doing the cliche New Years Resolution of losing weight and getting healthy, I'd like to think that it's more than that.  It's losing weight and getting healthy while focusing on my motivation and keeping my motivation healthy. 

Let's go!