Thursday, February 9, 2012


Whew!  First day of Bible study is over and it went really well.  Such a relief!  Thanks for your prayers.

Yesterday I took a rest day from working out.  I've been so sore and tired lately that I think I needed it.  Tuesday was a pretty relaxed day also and I had plans to exercise yesterday but as the day progressed I was still tired and sore.  I'm happy that I chose to rest, I think the new regimen that I'm in is doing me in!  Today I will be back at the gym for a good cardio workout.

Yesterday Theo was playing with his friend before Bible study started and his friend's mom was bending over a table writing something.  Theo runs by and smacked her on the butt.  Totally mortifying for me.  Luckily she was a good sport about it, her daughter went through the same phase.  Still, very embarrassing.

Speaking of funny and embarrassing, here are some of the things the boys have said lately:

Tate found a bunch of my trophies and medals from high school in the attic. He now thinks I'm the coolest mom ever. 

Today he said: "Mom, I think I'm just going to call you my Trophy Mom." 

It was bed time, and I was snuggling a little bit with Theo before going downstairs.

Me: Theo, I'm going downstairs now, goodnight. I love you.
Theo: Mom, your hair is just so beautiful. (whispering) You're just like a princess!

Yeah. I stayed longer. Seriously, he's two years old and already knows how to sweet talk the ladies!
Mark: Theo, you're the best!
Theo: No!  I'm not!  Mommy is!
It's 10:30 pm and Theo is still going strong. 

Me: Theo, how on earth are you still awake?  When did you become a night owl?
Theo:  I don't know, but you're welcome!
Theo: Dear Jesus, thank you for this day.  Please help Tate not get hurt.  Thank you for the  HEY!  I WANT SOME CHEESE!


Unknown said...

Hmmm...I wonder what else the Holy Spirit whispers to him while Theo is praying. Whatever, it's good that Theo is listening.