Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Break!

This is our first real Spring Break.  I guess since Tate only attends school three times a week it's not even a real one, but still, we're taking it for what it is.

We had no plans other than getting some stuff done around the house, but after being invited to Pump it Up JR with the boys on Monday, I decided that we should spend the week doing fun things, not just chores.  Every day I have tried to find cheap and fun things we can do together.

As I mentioned, Monday the boys and I went to Pump it Up JR with some friends.  The boys ran around for three solid hours and played.  It was wonderful.  I allowed them to skip naps and they slept soundly that night!

Yesterday we had a play-date at our house that consisted of a TON of dress up.  The boys loved it!  It was so much fun to hear them all laughing and giggling.  I think it reminded the boys that they have some really neat dress up things, too.  Last night we had pizza for dinner which is always a huge hit!

Today Theo and I had a play-date while Tate got to go on a Tate and Daddy date.  I believe they went to the junk yard to pull an engine part (and Tate LOVED it!) and McD's for lunch.  Tonight we're watching Puss in Boots for our Family Movie Night.

Tomorrow (shhhhh!) we're going bowling.

Friday we're going swimming.

This is Tate doing his Spring Break homework, taken by Theo. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Theo is better, which means I am better, too.  It took a few days for him to finally turn the corner but he's now back to his usual, ornery self.  I'm ecstatic!

Tate is doing well, also.  We woke up to a couple inches of snow this morning so we played outside for about an hour.  It was so fun, even though I hate being cold.

And, some big (or little, however you want to look at it) news. 

Today I hit the 10 lb mark for weight loss!  That means that I have "won" the challenge and my name will go in the hat for the prizes!  I'm thrilled!  Not only that, but my clothes are fitting better, too, which is a reward in and of itself. 

Thanks for your prayers and encouraging words last week.  It was a long one and we appreciate you!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


My poor three year old is sick with pneumonia.  He hasn't slept well in about 5 days and is coughing a ton. Finally the cough is productive, so we're hopeful that he's on the upswing.  He's still a bit feverish though, and we're all pretty exhausted.

If you think of it, please pray for us.  This tired mama is about to collapse from exhaustion.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Swimming lessons

The smell of chlorine has officially entered the house again. 
This time, though, it's not clinging for dear life to my pores.  
It's clinging to Tate!

I've been pretty amazed at how well he listens and follows instructions.  He's made a ton of progress in only five lessons.  In fact, he's already floating on his back!

It is very important to me that our boys be safe in the water.  They don't have to swim competitively, but I want them to be safe.  The fact that Tate can float on his back alone is a huge step in that direction.  Next he'll be working on flipping from front to back.  At that point I will breathe just a *bit* easier when he's around water.  Of course he's always in a lifejacket until he can pass a swimming test, but still.  

I'm one proud mom!