Friday, March 2, 2012

Swimming lessons

The smell of chlorine has officially entered the house again. 
This time, though, it's not clinging for dear life to my pores.  
It's clinging to Tate!

I've been pretty amazed at how well he listens and follows instructions.  He's made a ton of progress in only five lessons.  In fact, he's already floating on his back!

It is very important to me that our boys be safe in the water.  They don't have to swim competitively, but I want them to be safe.  The fact that Tate can float on his back alone is a huge step in that direction.  Next he'll be working on flipping from front to back.  At that point I will breathe just a *bit* easier when he's around water.  Of course he's always in a lifejacket until he can pass a swimming test, but still.  

I'm one proud mom!


Anonymous said...

Add to that one proud grandmom (Stearns-side)! Congrats to Tate for taking to the water without fear and learning how to be safe.