Monday, April 2, 2012

Back to Routines

Spring Break is over.  It was so much fun, I felt like I was able to find the balance between getting stuff done but still having fun and relaxing.  I tend to be an extreme personality, so one or the other is easy for me but both is really difficult.

In order to make it happen I made a list of what I wanted to accomplish, made a list for the boys (they got to pick a chore out of a hat.  My goal was to have them to it everyday and it ended up being three days out of five, so eh...) and a list for Mark.  We each worked from our list to get our stuff done.  I think just about everything ended up getting done.

I also made sure to be flexible.  We didn't originally plan to go to Pump it Up with friends, but since the opportunity presented itself I decided to go.  This is so not me, usually I'm a plan and go kind of girl, but I thought it sounded fun so I allowed myself the flexibility.  It was wonderful and I hope that I can continue to allow this flexibility in my life.

Another thing we focused on was having fun at home.  This is also where the chores came in.  The boys would do their chores so that friends could come over and have fun.  It wasn't a 100% solution to end the whining/complaining, but it was encouraging that the boys were able to grasp and complete project so that we could have friends over.

We had a family movie night where we watched Puss in Boots.  Theo called it "Piss on Boots" which cracked us up.  He has no idea it was inappropriate, but he did notice that it got a lot of laughs, so we'll need to be careful about that.  He'll do anything for attention!

So that was that.  Spring break was awesome, and I hope to be able to duplicate it next year.  Now we're back to the regularly scheduled programing.  I hope your Spring break was/is/will be awesome!