Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Black Mambas.

Even before today I really didn't like snakes.  Now that they are impeding my ability to sleep I am prone toward hatred. 

Tate studied snakes in school today.  Now he is officially terrified of them.  More specifically, terrified of Black Mambas.  The fear isn't rational, and struggling with anxiety myself I can totally relate to that.  Regardless of how many maps we look at and how many official sites we find talking about the natural habitat of the snakes, Tate is still terrified. 

You see, anxiety isn't based in reality, it's based on a sliver of truth.  When struggling with anxiety you start brushing the truth aside for 'what ifs' and it's all downhill from there. 

Anyway, back to tonight.  I have the dogs sleeping with Tate.  Small dogs are excellent at killing snakes.  Tate knows this.  He's still terrified.  

Adding to the fun, Tate can't pronounce "Black Mamba".  He says instead, "Black MAMA."  This is particularly concerning when he utters phrases like, "I really don't like Black Mambas" or something similar.  You get the idea.  We probably won't be leaving the house until this is under control.  However, you're welcome to visit. 


Sam and Amanda + Two said...

Jenni that is so cute! It made me laugh out loud! Thanks for the post. Prayin for y'all and all the exciting adventures God has in store for you and your family!