Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Doin' it!

It's May 2nd.

I haven't been so great about working out, but I have worked out twice this week.  At least it's something.

And as far as getting dressed and being productive, I've been doing that well!  I have gotten dressed and put on makeup every day this week *taking a bow*  I know, I know.  Amazing.

We watched Madagascar this weekend.  It was hilarious and I loved it.  On the way home (we stayed at the beach this weekend with some great friends) I thought it would be fun to look into seeing Madagascar 2.  I looked on Amazon and saw that it was $2.99 to rent.  It was worth it to me, but I thought it would be cool to find it for free.

I went to Amazon and saw a deal and took advantage of it, and I got a $3 movie credit.  I love it when God does that, gives you something you don't need, but something you'd like and think your kids will enjoy!

Anyway, we went to the zoo today and had fun.  We all had fun.

If you're interested, is our website for what we're doing in Nicaragua.

Have a great day!